Summer News

Never a dull moment, as they say. Life for our Ohana in Kona is full, but that’s a good thing! Here’s an update on our life over the past few months.

Lynnette and Austin had an amazing outreach in June, serving with YWAM in Battambang, Cambodia. It was so great for Austin to see an altogether different life than what he sees living in the USA. Austin commented on how it had changed his perspective on life: “It makes me super grateful for all that God has given us”! Their time was spent serving YWAM ministry “Cafe Eden”, which provides meaningful employment and job skills for local women.

They also got to see and serve at the new Battambang campus, which has literally sprung up from rice fields. Here’s a side by side comparison. The pic on the left is Lynnette and Josiah 2 years ago…..the one on the right, in June with Austin. Can you say Transformation?! The new campus is amazing, and God will use this place to greatly impact both the nation of Cambodia, and also surrounding nations.

For Paul, it meant being a solo Dad for a month, and lots of juggling. But the good news was that Josiah was able to drive, and he could run errands for me……well, that was until his bike accident (see story below), and the helper turned into the patient. Fortunately, Lynnette’s parents Dennis and Marilyn came to the rescue, and flew to Kona to help out for 2 weeks. So great to have them here, even though they missed seeing Lynnette and Austin.


Paul joined the Finance Working Group in April, and has been enjoying  this new responsibility. This team primarily deals with campus financial policies and processes, but also answers various finance related questions that arise. Paul has also joined the CFO group, which is responsible for approving all campus payments.

Summer Quarter at the campus typically sees low enrollment. This quarter is no exception. There are only 2 discipleship training schools running this quarter, plus two second level schools, totaling around 100 students. To make up for these typically low numbers, it is common for numerous seminars on a variety of topics to be held in Kona, which bring in participants from around the world. This quarter, 2 of the larger seminars have been 21Project and Infusion.

21 Project, run by Circuit Riders (a ministry of YWAM),  is running from July 12-30. This seminar has around 350 participants. Here’s the link to the CR website, as well as a quote:

21 Project is for young leaders who are wanting to live for a cause greater than themselves! Come and go deeper in your surrender, walk, and obedience to God as He begins to equip you to carry His presence and His glory into any situation you face. 21 Project recognizes that a generation is responding like perhaps never before in history. This school is designed to reinforce in students the courage, dedication and initiative to awaken their generation to the freedom and power of the Gospel. Our desire is to see leaders who will Revive and Multiply! Revive: by igniting Christians through the gifting God has given them. Salvation: by seeing the lost saved. Multiply: by carrying out the huge dream of God to go into all the world, preach His gospel and make disciples in every part of society.

Infusion Youth Camp has also been running. This event is a 10-day camp for high schoolers. For the first time, this year, they had 2 separate camps. Here’s a link to their website:

YWAM Kona was also blessed to have the amazing Francis Chan with us for a few days. Lynnette and I got to listen to some of his teaching. It was so good! If you haven’t heard any of his material before, we highly encourage you to look him up on youtube.


Paul’s work with Chosen & Dearly Loved is going really well. Paul has helped this ministry to improve their financial systems, and is also helping Chosen to launch a new donor management system. So far in 2017, Chosen has helped 26 children be adopted into loving families, by providing matching grants. Chosen’s goal is to be part of eliminating the orphan crisis in our lifetime. For more info, their website is:

Family-wise, our 4 boys are all growing up fast. We now have 2 high schoolers. Austin will be a freshman this year, while Josiah starts his Junior year. Do you think they’re excited?


In March/April, we had Paul’s family visit. It was the first time we had all been together since NZ in 2010. So it was long overdue! It was such an incredible time of visiting with Paul’s two brothers and one sister, along with spouses and children, as well as Uncle Basil from London.  While they were all here we got to celebrate Basils 90th and Tiffany’s 40th!  We even found time for a group photo down by the Ocean.


At the same time, Lynnette’s brother Craig was here in Kona for a business trip. It was great to see him, and it worked out really well to have him here at the same time as Paul’s family. He even offered to take the above photo 🙂

April was Josiah’s biggest race of the year with the annual Lavaman olympic distance triathlon. He did incredibly well, crushing his personal best. He finished 12th overall out of 1200 athletes, and even made the front page of the local newspaper.


Kyle will be entering 4th grade this coming August. He is doing well at school, and is definitely a smart young man. Outside of school, he enjoys swimming for the Kona Aquatics club.


Tre turned 4 in May, but wants to be a teenager already, to keep up with his older brothers 🙂 He doesn’t understand why he can’t drive like Josiah! He is a passionate kid, who brings joy and energy to our life. His favourite things in the world are currently Batman legos and Dinosaurs.


Tre will be starting Preschool next month for the first time. He could have gone last year, and probably should have, but we elected to keep him home for financial reasons. He’s pretty excited to start, and the structure will be really good for him. We’re believing in faith for the extra funding to make this happen, as he also really needs the social development.

Lynnette and Paul celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary on July 10th. Plans are already underway for the big one next year!


As we mentioned earlier, Josiah had a bike accident in May. He was riding with a group of bikers, and the biker in front of him fell down, leaving Josiah nowhere to go. He broke his left collarbone, and had surgery a few days later. Here’s a pic of the accident, with Josiah about to flip over the other rider. We are super grateful that the Lord was with him. He actually landed and rolled into the road (55 MPH speed limit), so praise the Lord that there were no cars when that happened. Only the white one pictured below. We’re also grateful for this group of riders, who helped Josiah right when the accident happened. The support he has received from the local Kona triathlon and biking community has been incredible.

going over

Josiah is now doing physical therapy twice per week. We would love your prayers for his complete healing, so that he can get back into the sport he loves.

We hope you are enjoying your summer (or winter for you Kiwis and Aussies)! If you have time, we’d love to hear from you and know how we can pray for you. With love from the Randerson Ohana. (pc: Emily Gallagher)


Busy times in Kona

It’s been a frantic start to 2017 here at YWAM Kona. Paul continues in his primary roles of training in areas of stewardship, finances and outreach.

Justice DTS

Paul is again serving as part-time staff of the Justice DTS at YWAM Ships, with his long-time friend Sean Murphy as school leader. Paul supervises the school finances, and gives oversight to the team outreach budgets. It’s been another excellent school to be involved with, with amazing students and staff. Teams are leaving in the next 2 weeks and heading to Cambodia, Cameroon, Haiti, PNG, Mexico and Vanuatu.

Speaking of YWAM Ships, our twin ministry here in Kona just got given a new boat, valued at $11M. This vessel will serve YWAM’s ministry in Papua New Guinea. You can read more about this here:

Meetings, meetings and more meetings

There have been numerous groups meeting at YWAM Kona over the past month. The U of N Advisory Board, the Board of Regents, as well as the Board of Trustees have all had their gatherings in Kona. Part of that group of people was John & Sam Hudson, who lead a ministry based in Montana called 100 Fold Studios. 100 Fold is responsible for designing the new U of N campus in Battambang, Cambodia. We met John and Sam 20 years ago during our YWAM DTS in 1997, and had not seen them since. It was so great to catch up with them, and Lynnette will see them again this Summer in Cambodia.

Count down till Cambodia Outreach

Speaking of Cambodia, Lynnette and Austin leave for their 4 week long outreach to Battambang on June 4.


They are super excited to go! Their tickets have been purchased. Now, we are raising funds for their ground costs. Lynnette and Austin will serve alongside the U of N in Battambang, partnering with their ministry, and also serve at Cafe Eden, which is a ministry birthed from the U of N, and run by a friend of ours, Anna Milligan, who was sent out from YWAM Kona in 2005.

What’s upcoming?

It’s March in Kona, which means it’s “visitor season”! 2017 is no exception. Paul’s family will be coming – they start arriving today actually – for 3 weeks. It will be the first time the whole family has been together since 2010! We are so excited for this time to be with family! We also have dear friends here from England. We met Shane & Christina in 2004 when they did their DTS in Kona. It’s the first time we’ve seen them since 2011 when they visited us in Washington.


Pic of the last time the family was all together – April 2010, in Auckland NZ. So, pre-Tre and pre Paul’s siblings having kids of their own.


Pic with Shane and Christina on the Kona Campus – March 17

In mid-April, Paul will join the campus Finance working group. This is a logical move for Paul, who already gives oversight to finances with campus schools. This new team deals more with broader campus operational finances.

Want to do an outreach this summer?

Outreaches to 4 locations are happening this summer through Fire & Fragrance Kona. You do not have to have completed a DTS to go on these outreaches. They are filling up fast. For more info, go to:

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.42.13 PM.png

We trust that you are doing well, and would love to hear from you. Send us an email or a text, and let us know how we can pray for you!

So much to be thankful for

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches here in the U.S., I am always reminded that the bible calls us to be thankful, no matter what our circumstances. We are to be grateful people, whether we are in plenty or in want. For most of us, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for: food to eat, a roof over our heads, clothes to wear. On top of these basic needs, we as believers, can be thankful for God’s love, for Him sending His Son, Jesus, to die for us, for the indwelling Holy Spirit, our church community, the list goes on.

One of the things that may not make your list of things you are thankful for, however, is clean water. The fact is, most of us take clean water for granted. We have water in our homes. Doesn’t everyone? Sadly, no. In developing countries, people can have to walk a long way, just to get access to water. Can you imagine this? Imagine your home with NO WATER. Now think of all the water you use each day to bathe, drink, brush your teeth, wash your clothes, wash your dishes. What if you had to go each day and retrieve that water from your community water source, and it was an hour’s drive from your house, and you had to bring it home? And what if the water source does not have clean water? This situation is a reality for many people in our world, especially in the developing world.

One of the ministries that Lynnette and I work with here at YWAM Kona is called Justice Water. We believe that everyone has the right to clean water. Justice Water uses simple, sustainable water technology, to bring clean water to those who need it. Here is a video of a water project just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia from May of this year.

Outreach Training for DTS

Last weekend, Paul was involved in an outreach training event for the various discipleship training schools here at the campus. There is a real push right now for DTS to be more intentional in training our staff for overseas outreach. With that emphasis, Paul was part of a crew that organized the event, which ran from 1pm Friday to 6pm Saturday.

It was a fantastic event for our staff. We had over 100 staff in attendance, and all who attended were blessed by some of the gifted teachers that serve here at YWAM Kona. The training was on numerous topics related to outreach: What is an outreach? Outreach Requirements, Budgeting for outreach, Dealing with Emergencies, Cross-Cultural issues, and the list goes on.

Paul was so excited to be involved, as training staff to be more effective in their role is one of his passions. Paul shared for 45 minutes on how to properly budget for outreach, walking the staff through some financial guidelines, as well as an excel budget template on the big screen. This topic is important given that we send hundreds of thousands of dollars with our teams who go on outreach each quarter, and we want to be wise stewards of these funds. This quarter, around Christmas-time, we will have approximately 40 outreach teams with almost 400 short-term missionaries who will go out and preach the gospel in many locations around the world – primarily in Asia and the Pacific, but teams are also being sent to Europe and the USA.

The goal of this training is that our outreaches are even more fruitful, and ultimately that more people make decisions for Christ, and then are connected to their local church for further growth and discipleship.

Meeting Spiritual and Physical Needs in Togo

One of the YWAM ministries that Lynnette and I will be working with here in Kona is called Justice Water (

Justice Water aims to empower developing communities with multipliable and sustainable water technologies, using resources that are available, affordable, and acceptable to their culture and region.

It is easy to take our access to clean water for granted, but according to the World Health Organization, over 1 billion people do not have access to safe water supply sources.

Check out this video below, to show how simple technology can be used to meet one of our most basic needs: clean water.