February 2020 Update

2020 is flying right along!

Paul is busy with various projects – including developing a mobile app, launching a room reservation system and the ongoing development of the campus human resource system (Salesforce). Paul will be traveling to Nigeria next month to help them with their accounting processes.

Lynnette is staffing the Discipleship Training School at YWAM Ships full-time. She is loving it – sensing that this is where she belongs for this season; to be involved in the discipleship of young students. She even got to share with the class last week on God’s heart for His children.

Here’s a couple of reports from the campus:

In January, YWAM Kona was involved in a major outreach in Myanmar. Click here to read a report on this outreach.

In February, we had the Send Brazil stadium gathering. 140,000 people in 3 stadiums. Here’s a report from Foxnews.

Summer 2019 Update

We haven’t sent out an update in a while, so we’re sure you’re itching to hear how things are going with us. 🙂 As of this month, we have been back with YWAM Kona for 6 years already. Hard to believe! Though we miss our life in Washington, we still feel called to serve here, and believe we are where God wants us to be.

Kenya Workshop

2019 started with a trip for Paul to Kenya, his first time in Africa. What a stunning country and beautiful people! The purpose of the trip was to run a “Family Reunification Workshop”. The week-long workshop was highly successful, with almost 200 attendees representing 120 organizations from 7 developing nations (Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, South Sudan ,Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia). With the current movement around the world to shut down orphanages, there is an urgency to do something in this sector.

The purpose of the workshop was to share a model that has been successfully used to transition from an orphanage into a family reunification center. The goal of these FRC’s is not to house the children long-term, but rather to get the children back with loving, biological family. Keep in mind that 80% of “orphans” have living relatives. The orphan crisis is a large one with an estimated 8 million children in orphanages, and 100 million children living on the streets.

  1. Workshop attendees
  2. The team who put on the workshop
  3. Beautiful Kenya
  4. My travel buddies, David and Jeff

Back in Kona

Paul continues to drive the internal development of the University’s Salesforce system. This is our entire student registration system, and in the next year, will also host data on our staff and other types of volunteers. This new system will transform the University’s administration, and replaces a legacy system that is long past its use by date. With the University’s goal of training 5,000 students per year, the focus to streamline our systems is increasingly important.

Financially, Paul continues to be involved in the CFO team which oversees all campus spending, as well as the Finance Working Group (FWG), which sets finance policy and answers finance related questions. Campus finance continues to “mature” and we now have a lot of stability in this area. The dual focus of the campus is to pay down debt and to develop the property. The FWG has spent the past 9 months developing a finance policy manual, which will be a helpful tool for our staff. This policy manual is expected to be launched by end of June.


In James 1:3, we are told to rejoice in trials. We have had lots of opportunity to rejoice in 2019. The campus has been facing some headwinds this year related to development of the “62 acres”, the undeveloped parcel of land adjacent to the main property. The campus was required to have meetings with the land use commission (LUC), to do with the zoning of this parcel. After some stressful months, we are now seeing some favor in this area. The campus is rallying behind this, and the goal in the next 4-5 months is to draft a complete plan for the development of this parcel. We just held a “charrette” today, with around 30 key leaders, to discuss the use of this land.

At the end of 2019, we hope to have the LUC sign off on our plans. At that time, Lord willing, we can start in earnest to develop this land, as funds allow.

Outreach Report

One of the campus’ focus nations is Myanmar (formerly Burma). In early May, we sent a team of around 50 to hold a 4 night evangelistic campaign in that nation. It was incredibly fruitful. Here’s some statistics: 10,501 people heard the gospel message, 561 salvations, over 100 physical healings, 25,626 bibles distributed, over 250 local leaders trained. If you’d like to hear more, let us know. We have a detailed report from this team, with specific testimonies.

The Family

Another school year has come and gone. Next school year, Austin (16) will be a junior, Kyle (11) will be starting middle school and Tre (6) will be starting first grade!

As for Josiah, he has now graduated high school and is off to College. This fall, he’ll be starting at Chapman University in Orange, California, about 15 minutes from Disneyland. Don’t worry, he’s going there to study 🙂 His major will be Applied Human Physiology. Move-in day is August 20th, so the plan is that Lynnette will fly him over and get him set up and moved in. Please pray for him, and for us, as he transitions out of the nest. While Chapman has offered him an incredible package, it’s still a stretch financially. Josiah plans to work part-time to help pay for college. Pray for provision for him during this next season of college, and also for costs related to Lynnette and him being there in August. They’ll probably need to be there for between 1-2 weeks.

Here’s a pic of Josiah’s high school graduation. In Hawaii, they give leis to the graduating students. Fun!


Since February, Austin is now the 4th driver in the family. He just had a successful sophomore year, and finished with all A’s. He’ll continue to attend the local public high school next year. He’s also been enjoying building his own model airplane from scratch, as well as taking motorcycle lessons.

Kyle will be heading into middle school next year, and is growing from a boy into a young man. We’re praying for Kyle to find his passion, something he loves (that’s not his phone or the computer).

As for Tre, he has “graduated” from Kindergarten, and is excited to start first grade in the Fall. Both he and Kyle will be attending the “Learning Center”, which is located on the YWAM campus. Very convenient for us, and has some excellent teachers.

You can also pray for our family to continue to develop good friendships. Sometimes, it’s hard in YWAM as there’s always people coming and going.

We’d love to pray for you too. Let us know what prayer requests you have.

Spring 2018 News

Hard to believe it’s already April! The year so far has been a whirlwind of activity for our Ohana. Here’s a recap of the first 3 months of 2018.

As Paul has done for the past 3 years, he again served on a part-time basis with the Discipleship Training School (DTS) being run by our twin ministry down the road from the main YWAM campus, YWAM Ships. Paul enjoys doing this each year, as it is run by his good friend Sean, and Paul has a great deal of respect for how Sean leads, and so he enjoys working with him, but also, it’s a good opportunity to work directly with a school. Paul gives oversight to the finances of the school, making sure that the finances flow smoothly from start to finish. The school of 50 students plus staff has just sent out 6 outreach teams to Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Haiti, Cameroon, Costa Rica and Cambodia.

This drone picture will give you an idea of YWAM Ships’ great location. YWAM Ships is the buildings surrounding the swimming pool. The lower left hand corner of this photo is the stunning Kailua Bay.


As one quarter comes to an end, another begins. Thursday was Spring Quarter arrival day in Kona, with over 300 students coming to be trained as missionaries. These students are from 39 nations, participating in 6 different DTS’s and 12 different upper level courses.


Lynnette continues to serve on the campus Beautification Team. This team was formed last August, and has REALLY become important as the campus looks to beautify all areas – landscaping, exterior of buildings, interior of buildings, furnishings, window treatments, etc. She is enjoying working on this team, and she is in her element in this role. Currently, this team are remodeling a room that will be the office of Darlene Cunningham, the co-founder of the mission. The room should be completed by the end of April.

Here’s a picture inside the Defender Building, working with the architect.


There is great momentum right now. All over the campus, people are sensing that the Lord is doing something fresh, and we are seeking to be right in the middle of all the plans He has for YWAM Kona. In the early part of 2017, the base encountered some significant challenges, but we are so thankful that we are moving beyond those challenges, and into a season of growth. To give you two specific examples: We are currently moving ahead with finishing the upper and lower levels of the Defender Building, which will greatly increase our classroom capacity. In addition, we are also starting 2 new dormitory buildings to accommodate the additional students the Lord is bringing to us. Based on our current projections, we estimate 875 students will come to Kona for training this Fall. Last Fall Quarter, we had approximately 600. That’s a staggering 46% growth. Part of the reason for this is the launching of a new school called Foundations for Revival & Reformation, or Rev & Ref for short [we YWAMers like to abbreviate :)]. This 9-month school will start this Fall, and we anticipate around 200 students. For more info on this school, visit: http://ywamkona.org/uofn_courses/revivalandreformation/

As is the case every Spring, we have been BLESSED with many visitors: Lynnette’s parents coming over Christmas, Paul’s brother Dave & his family, Lynnette’s brother Craig & his family, Uncle Basil from London, and then friends: VanderHaak’s (Washington), Hudsons (Montana), Gallaghers (Chicago).


Boys and Basil

Austin has been enjoying playing tennis for Kealakehe High School. Here he is, with his Uncle Craig, Aunty Ann, and cousin Inga during his 1st match.

Timmers Tennis

You may recall that Josiah had a very serious bike accident last May, breaking his collar bone. Unfortunately, he recently had another accident: he was hit by a car on Feb 25, as he was biking. The driver didn’t see him. Fortunately, the Lord was watching over Josiah, and he escaped with minor injuries. His bike was seriously damaged, but we were able to repair the bike as the driver’s insurance covered the accident. One other negative factor was the accident happened just 4 weeks before the Lavaman Triathlon, the race he had been training for, for months. After the accident, he wasn’t able to train, and in fact he wasn’t able to run until a week and a half before race day.


Because of this, we went into Lavaman with moderate expectations. Despite this major set back for Josiah, he finished the Olympic distance triathlon 13th overall, and 3rd in his age group. This local race had over 1,100 participants. His result was also good enough to qualify him for age-group nationals, which will be held this August in Cleveland, Ohio. He also qualified for nationals last year, but was too young to go. Austin also participated in this race, doing the 25 mile bike portion as part of a 3-person relay team. He did really well, and we are super proud of his achievements too, especially his persistence in training. His relay team, which included 2 young ladies from his High School, actually won their division.



Summer Plans are in full swing. We are planning to incorporate some time in Southern California, to look at some colleges there (Josiah is a Junior this year), followed by time in Washington, visiting family and friends, and then some of us will head East for Josiah’s race in Ohio, while the rest of us will head back to Kona. We plan to be in Southern California in late June and Washington in July. Exact dates to be determined. We sure hope you’ll be around, so we can see as many of you as possible. Our last trip to Washington was in 2016, and the last time our family was in California was in 2005, when Josiah was 4, and Austin was 2.

We have the funding for most of our Summer plans, but:

  • Renting a car for 6 people is expensive. Do you have any leads on a vehicle our family might be able to use, either in Southern California, or in Washington?
  • Getting Josiah and his bike to Triathlon Nationals is going to cost around $2,000. Would you consider partnering with us in this? The Lord has gifted Josiah in this sport, and we want to encourage him in it.

We hope this post finds you well. If you live in Southern California, the State of Washington, or lower British Columbia, we hope to see you this Summer.

Summer News

Never a dull moment, as they say. Life for our Ohana in Kona is full, but that’s a good thing! Here’s an update on our life over the past few months.

Lynnette and Austin had an amazing outreach in June, serving with YWAM in Battambang, Cambodia. It was so great for Austin to see an altogether different life than what he sees living in the USA. Austin commented on how it had changed his perspective on life: “It makes me super grateful for all that God has given us”! Their time was spent serving YWAM ministry “Cafe Eden”, which provides meaningful employment and job skills for local women.

They also got to see and serve at the new Battambang campus, which has literally sprung up from rice fields. Here’s a side by side comparison. The pic on the left is Lynnette and Josiah 2 years ago…..the one on the right, in June with Austin. Can you say Transformation?! The new campus is amazing, and God will use this place to greatly impact both the nation of Cambodia, and also surrounding nations.

For Paul, it meant being a solo Dad for a month, and lots of juggling. But the good news was that Josiah was able to drive, and he could run errands for me……well, that was until his bike accident (see story below), and the helper turned into the patient. Fortunately, Lynnette’s parents Dennis and Marilyn came to the rescue, and flew to Kona to help out for 2 weeks. So great to have them here, even though they missed seeing Lynnette and Austin.


Paul joined the Finance Working Group in April, and has been enjoying  this new responsibility. This team primarily deals with campus financial policies and processes, but also answers various finance related questions that arise. Paul has also joined the CFO group, which is responsible for approving all campus payments.

Summer Quarter at the campus typically sees low enrollment. This quarter is no exception. There are only 2 discipleship training schools running this quarter, plus two second level schools, totaling around 100 students. To make up for these typically low numbers, it is common for numerous seminars on a variety of topics to be held in Kona, which bring in participants from around the world. This quarter, 2 of the larger seminars have been 21Project and Infusion.

21 Project, run by Circuit Riders (a ministry of YWAM),  is running from July 12-30. This seminar has around 350 participants. Here’s the link to the CR website, as well as a quote: https://www.crmovement.com/21-project/

21 Project is for young leaders who are wanting to live for a cause greater than themselves! Come and go deeper in your surrender, walk, and obedience to God as He begins to equip you to carry His presence and His glory into any situation you face. 21 Project recognizes that a generation is responding like perhaps never before in history. This school is designed to reinforce in students the courage, dedication and initiative to awaken their generation to the freedom and power of the Gospel. Our desire is to see leaders who will Revive and Multiply! Revive: by igniting Christians through the gifting God has given them. Salvation: by seeing the lost saved. Multiply: by carrying out the huge dream of God to go into all the world, preach His gospel and make disciples in every part of society.

Infusion Youth Camp has also been running. This event is a 10-day camp for high schoolers. For the first time, this year, they had 2 separate camps. Here’s a link to their website: http://infusionyouthcamp.com/

YWAM Kona was also blessed to have the amazing Francis Chan with us for a few days. Lynnette and I got to listen to some of his teaching. It was so good! If you haven’t heard any of his material before, we highly encourage you to look him up on youtube.


Paul’s work with Chosen & Dearly Loved is going really well. Paul has helped this ministry to improve their financial systems, and is also helping Chosen to launch a new donor management system. So far in 2017, Chosen has helped 26 children be adopted into loving families, by providing matching grants. Chosen’s goal is to be part of eliminating the orphan crisis in our lifetime. For more info, their website is: www.chosenanddearlyloved.org.

Family-wise, our 4 boys are all growing up fast. We now have 2 high schoolers. Austin will be a freshman this year, while Josiah starts his Junior year. Do you think they’re excited?


In March/April, we had Paul’s family visit. It was the first time we had all been together since NZ in 2010. So it was long overdue! It was such an incredible time of visiting with Paul’s two brothers and one sister, along with spouses and children, as well as Uncle Basil from London.  While they were all here we got to celebrate Basils 90th and Tiffany’s 40th!  We even found time for a group photo down by the Ocean.


At the same time, Lynnette’s brother Craig was here in Kona for a business trip. It was great to see him, and it worked out really well to have him here at the same time as Paul’s family. He even offered to take the above photo 🙂

April was Josiah’s biggest race of the year with the annual Lavaman olympic distance triathlon. He did incredibly well, crushing his personal best. He finished 12th overall out of 1200 athletes, and even made the front page of the local newspaper.


Kyle will be entering 4th grade this coming August. He is doing well at school, and is definitely a smart young man. Outside of school, he enjoys swimming for the Kona Aquatics club.


Tre turned 4 in May, but wants to be a teenager already, to keep up with his older brothers 🙂 He doesn’t understand why he can’t drive like Josiah! He is a passionate kid, who brings joy and energy to our life. His favourite things in the world are currently Batman legos and Dinosaurs.


Tre will be starting Preschool next month for the first time. He could have gone last year, and probably should have, but we elected to keep him home for financial reasons. He’s pretty excited to start, and the structure will be really good for him. We’re believing in faith for the extra funding to make this happen, as he also really needs the social development.

Lynnette and Paul celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary on July 10th. Plans are already underway for the big one next year!


As we mentioned earlier, Josiah had a bike accident in May. He was riding with a group of bikers, and the biker in front of him fell down, leaving Josiah nowhere to go. He broke his left collarbone, and had surgery a few days later. Here’s a pic of the accident, with Josiah about to flip over the other rider. We are super grateful that the Lord was with him. He actually landed and rolled into the road (55 MPH speed limit), so praise the Lord that there were no cars when that happened. Only the white one pictured below. We’re also grateful for this group of riders, who helped Josiah right when the accident happened. The support he has received from the local Kona triathlon and biking community has been incredible.

going over

Josiah is now doing physical therapy twice per week. We would love your prayers for his complete healing, so that he can get back into the sport he loves.

We hope you are enjoying your summer (or winter for you Kiwis and Aussies)! If you have time, we’d love to hear from you and know how we can pray for you. With love from the Randerson Ohana. (pc: Emily Gallagher)


Busy times in Kona

It’s been a frantic start to 2017 here at YWAM Kona. Paul continues in his primary roles of training in areas of stewardship, finances and outreach.

Justice DTS

Paul is again serving as part-time staff of the Justice DTS at YWAM Ships, with his long-time friend Sean Murphy as school leader. Paul supervises the school finances, and gives oversight to the team outreach budgets. It’s been another excellent school to be involved with, with amazing students and staff. Teams are leaving in the next 2 weeks and heading to Cambodia, Cameroon, Haiti, PNG, Mexico and Vanuatu.

Speaking of YWAM Ships, our twin ministry here in Kona just got given a new boat, valued at $11M. This vessel will serve YWAM’s ministry in Papua New Guinea. You can read more about this here: https://ywamships.net/lastrolabe-set-join-ywam-ships-fleet/

Meetings, meetings and more meetings

There have been numerous groups meeting at YWAM Kona over the past month. The U of N Advisory Board, the Board of Regents, as well as the Board of Trustees have all had their gatherings in Kona. Part of that group of people was John & Sam Hudson, who lead a ministry based in Montana called 100 Fold Studios. 100 Fold is responsible for designing the new U of N campus in Battambang, Cambodia. We met John and Sam 20 years ago during our YWAM DTS in 1997, and had not seen them since. It was so great to catch up with them, and Lynnette will see them again this Summer in Cambodia.

Count down till Cambodia Outreach

Speaking of Cambodia, Lynnette and Austin leave for their 4 week long outreach to Battambang on June 4.


They are super excited to go! Their tickets have been purchased. Now, we are raising funds for their ground costs. Lynnette and Austin will serve alongside the U of N in Battambang, partnering with their ministry, and also serve at Cafe Eden, which is a ministry birthed from the U of N, and run by a friend of ours, Anna Milligan, who was sent out from YWAM Kona in 2005.

What’s upcoming?

It’s March in Kona, which means it’s “visitor season”! 2017 is no exception. Paul’s family will be coming – they start arriving today actually – for 3 weeks. It will be the first time the whole family has been together since 2010! We are so excited for this time to be with family! We also have dear friends here from England. We met Shane & Christina in 2004 when they did their DTS in Kona. It’s the first time we’ve seen them since 2011 when they visited us in Washington.


Pic of the last time the family was all together – April 2010, in Auckland NZ. So, pre-Tre and pre Paul’s siblings having kids of their own.


Pic with Shane and Christina on the Kona Campus – March 17

In mid-April, Paul will join the campus Finance working group. This is a logical move for Paul, who already gives oversight to finances with campus schools. This new team deals more with broader campus operational finances.

Want to do an outreach this summer?

Outreaches to 4 locations are happening this summer through Fire & Fragrance Kona. You do not have to have completed a DTS to go on these outreaches. They are filling up fast. For more info, go to: www.fireandfragrance.com/gonow.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.42.13 PM.png

We trust that you are doing well, and would love to hear from you. Send us an email or a text, and let us know how we can pray for you!

October news

We are in week 2 of the Fall quarter. Over 500 new students have arrived in Kona, to be trained and sent out as missionaries to the nations. Here is a picture of student orientation in the Ohana Court [“Ohana” is Hawaiian for family]. The quarter change-over is always a fun time, as the previous quarter’s students go on outreach to share the gospel, and the new students arrive.


Hard to believe it’s been 3 months already since we were visiting many of our family and friends in Washington state! Our work with YWAM continues to go really well. Paul loves all his roles – DTS office, school finance training, Impact Team, circle leadership, and serving at Chosen & Dearly Loved.

Here’s a great short video that simply explains what YWAM is:

Some family news: Austin is enjoying being home-schooled this year, for 8th grade. Next year, he will join Josiah at the public high school for his freshman year. Lynnette really appreciates having him around the house, as he is a big helper! He is currently working on his tennis skills with his Grandpa, and likes to run.

Lynnette has joined a Mom’s weekly prayer group, and is really loving that. She is quite busy with Tre, who is both adorable and strong-willed. A future leader for sure!

All our boys are doing well – growing up way too fast! Josiah starts DRIVING school on Oct 24th!!!! Kyle is prospering in his new school, and is enjoying swimming. Here’s a pic of them all at Old Airport beach, where we sometimes choose to eat our dinner, rather than at home, because our condo is so HOT!


October is “Ironman” month in Kona. Last Saturday, the world championships were held, and for our triathlon loving family, it’s a really fun time to volunteer and serve these athletes whose life dream is to finish the Ironman in Kona. Here’s a picture of Kyle serving at an “aid station”, where athletes are given nutrition to keep them going strong. Kyle is such a servant, and LOVES this kind of stuff.


Josiah, whose dream is to become a professional triathlete, got to meet both the race winners: Jan Frodeno of Germany, and Daniela Ryf of Switzerland. Here’s a pic of Josiah and Jan at the awards banquet.



This is Team Agar – Jeff and his son Johnny, from Michigan. Johnny has cerebral palsy, but Jeff doesn’t let that slow them down. Such is his love for his son, he does the Ironman pulling him! Paul was privileged to meet this amazing family earlier in the week, and Lynnette took this pic on race day. Though they didn’t finish the race, they inspired so many! This is such a testimony of how we are to love our children – selflessly and deeply. Their story has really spoken to us about the love of God the Father. God’s love for us is so great, that He died on the cross for us. He put us first, showing us how we are to live: for others.

If you like to pray for our family, we’ve put a new prayer list on our “partner” page. Check it out by clicking here. We also love to pray for you! Please send us your prayer requests.

March Madness, Hawaiian Style

[Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with basketball]

Wasn’t it just yesterday we took our Christmas decorations down? Ah no, that was 2 months ago! Oops! As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” The Randerson Ohana has proven that saying to be true thus far in 2016. The time is literally flying by, so it’s time for an update!

We are excited to announce that our family will be in Washington this summer! We’ll be in Whatcom County from June 5th to July 1st. Our first trip back in 3 years!! It’s going to be great to catch up with friends and family. Of course, there’s no way we can spend individual time with everyone, so we plan on having an open house style event. Details will come later, so you can save the date in your calendars.

An update on Paul’s role: at the end of last year, Paul stopped doing the accounting for two local ministries, and began serving in a new ministry called Chosen & Dearly Loved. “Chosen” focuses on orphans with special needs. Paul is really enjoying working there, and his accounting gift has been really appreciated,  as this ministry continues to grow. For more info on Chosen, check out their website at www.chosenanddearlyloved.org.


Paul has also been involved again with the Justice Ships DTS which has been running since the beginning of January at Port YWAM, our “twin” base just down the road from the University of the Nations. The school was again led by Sean. We’ve known Sean and his family since 2002. Paul really enjoys working alongside him, and working directly with a school. It’s quite a bit of extra work though, so doing it once a year is enough! The school has an amazing group of students and staff. Outreach teams will be leaving soon for Panama, Haiti, Germany, Togo, Papua New Guinea, California and South-East Asia. A few of the teams are staying longer than the required 8 weeks of outreach. The Cambodia team is doing a 9-month outreach!

The student call center continues to operate from the DTS office. This is the second quarter it has run, and it really is such a valuable thing to be calling all applicants promptly after they start their applications. This quarter, the call center was managed by another staff, who did an excellent job! Paul was able to teach the call center crew on personal fundraising, taxes and finances. Please pray for someone to lead the call center for the April quarter!

This month has been particularly mad! Two sets of visitors at the same time, combined with Paul’s crazy time for teaching. Paul’s brother Dave, his wife Tiffany, and their 2 kids were here. At the same time, friends of ours from Lynden were here too, so we did our best to get quality time in with both visitors. Paul also had to juggle his regular training sessions: training the April school leaders on finances, and training the January outreach teams on outreach finances. He was also invited to speak in a debrief, preparing the students for life after DTS.

YWAM Kona continues to focus on Bible Distribution as one of it’s core initiatives. Our teams are currently distributing bibles in Nepal, in some of the most difficult areas in the world to reach. Outreach teams are being trained for this purpose: both in how to do this, as well as receiving physical training to do this at altitude….remember, Himalayas! It’s not just giving people bibles. It’s interacting with them and praying for them at the same time. Teams have found people eager for God’s word, and there have been many testimonies of God working through this work.

Click this link to watch a great testimony about Bible Distribution [Facebook video].

For more of what YWAM Kona is doing, “like” them on facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/ywamkona. Here’s another example. One of our DTS’s ran a local outreach at Josiah’s high school last week. So amazing!


Thanks for reading our update! We hope you are doing well. We’d love to hear from you too. Let us know if you have any specific prayer requests that we can be praying for.

God Bless you.

Winter update

We’ve just had a wonderful Thanksgiving, celebrating with both family and friends. We had an amazing lunch at Paul’s parent’s house, followed by delicious dessert and games with friends. Beyond the great food, we are reminded of God’s astonishing goodness to us. Whether we are in the midst of a trial, or not, God is good. Period. Full stop. God calls us to be thankful regardless of our circumstances.

Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (The Message)

Here’s the family at Paul’s parent’s place on Thanksgiving. Tre was napping during this photo. Josiah is the selfie-expert! 🙂


Here’s a pic of all 4 boys swimming on Thanksgiving! Tre usually stays on the steps, but that day, he ventured out with the big boys!



On Thanksgiving morning, Josiah participated in the annual Triptophan Triathlon. Paul could not compete this year, due to his leg. He should be able to swim again in a few weeks. Josiah ended up getting a flat tire on his bike, and finished down the field, but we are proud of his perseverance in finishing the race. He had good times in both the swim and the run. Lynnette volunteered at the race, while Paul, Austin, Kyle & Tre were the cheering squad.


The Fall quarter at the U of N is wrapping up soon. Approx 35 different outreach teams will leave around the 20th of December. This coming Thursday, Paul will be training over 100 of the staff and students that will be responsible for the team finances. He conducts this 2 hour training session each quarter, to ensure the teams are prepared to handle the thousands of dollars that goes with our outreach teams, as they travel. The following week, Paul will train the Winter quarter staff on how to properly budget for outreach.

If you’re on our mailing list, you should be receiving our Christmas card and an Annual Report by mid-December. They’re being printed as I type this. If you’d like to get on the mailing list for future newsletters, let us know, and we’d be happy to add you. Here’s a sneak peak of the boys during the photo shoot. They are growing up fast. This year, Josiah surpassed Lynnette in height, and it won’t be long before he passes Paul up too. (Josiah Freshman, Austin 7th Grade, Kyle 2nd Grade, Tre 2.5)


For those interested in our finances, here’s an update:

  • Our Fall push for an increase in support of $1,000/month is going well. We’ve had pledges of $720 per month, although not all of it has materialized yet, and some donors couldn’t start until 2016. But we are thrilled by the response, which will really help with the increased costs we are facing.
  • Comparing our finances in 2015 versus 2014, our missionary support income is up by 7.8%. Expenses are also up by 6.7%, so most of our support increase has been used up.
  • Last December we were facing a large deficit for the year, but due to receiving several year-end donations, we ended up with a surplus of $204 for the year.
  • This year, our expenses have again exceeded our income, by $3,338. This has been paid for by depleting our savings. We are not yet in any type of debt, but we will be before the end of 2015, based on our normal monthly support.

If you are able to help us financially during this time, that would be amazing! For more info on how you can give, please visit our partner page, or call us and we’d be happy to help with the process. All donations are fully tax deductible in the U.S. and Canada.

We pray that you will have a wonderful Christmas season. May you be reminded of the good gifts you have received from the Lord, and may you prosper in 2016.

“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” John 10:10 (The Message)

Fall in Kona

Fall has arrived in Kona. It probably doesn’t look much like where you are. For us, there are no leaves on the ground, other than those from branches that have blown down in the strong winds. There are no cold temperatures, other than us celebrating the thermostat showing in the high 70’s in the mornings and evenings. The most obvious sign of Fall is the decorations in our home. October 1st is Fall decorating day in the Randerson Ohana. Despite living in Hawaii, Lynnette loves Fall, and so we decorate!

Today is also Fall quarter arrival day. We are anticipating close to 500 new students arriving in Kona today, to be trained in various schools over the next 12 weeks. Almost 350 of these students are taking YWAM’s entry level course, the DTS (Discipleship Training School), and will be equipped in Knowing God and then Making Him Known!

It has been a busy season for our family and in ministry of late. The A-team, on which Paul serves, continues to look for ways to improve our outreach effectiveness. We are working on outreach evaluations, from both staff and students, to see areas that need improvement. We also had a meeting yesterday with our Winter school leaders. The main goal of that meeting was to communicate that outreach planning begins now, connecting with contacts on the ground, figuring out visa cost and process, required immunizations, budgets, housing plans, etc. A good outreach begins with well planned logistics. At the end of October will be our next quarterly Outreach Training. These have been really great events, as we look to equip our staff to handle the environment and challenges of outreach in some of the toughest places on earth!

October is also Ironman month in Kona! The Ironman World Championships are on October 10th, and for our triathlon loving family, that means volunteering and cheering. The event, which hosts almost 2,000 athletes, requires over 5,000 volunteers to run, and our family will be running an aid station during the run portion of the race, as well as doing security at the pre-race and post-race banquets.


For More than Sport, one of the ministries we work with, Ironman is a huge deal. Chris Lieto, the founder, is a professional triathlete, and knows many of the athletes that come to Kona. During race week, we will have the More than Sport village, right by the race finish line. Thousands of people will come by, and learn more about what this ministry does, encouraging athletes to give back, and “do more” than just sport. We are also partnering with several companies, and by buying their products, a portion will go back to More than Sport. You can learn more by going to the Kona landing page of More than Sport.

Paul had a small skin cancer removed from his lower right leg recently. It was a “basal cell carcinoma”. The doctor was confident that he removed all the cancer, and that it hadn’t spread. Now, Paul’s leg just needs to heal up, which will take several months. So, sadly, no swimming for Paul for a while 😦

In other health related news, Lynnette’s dad Dennis, 74, had a stroke a week and a half ago. It was caused by a blood clot, and caused loss of feeling in his mouth and the entire left side of his body. Just today, he moved into a rehab center, where he will receive 2 hours of therapy each day, to help his brain and body recover. We are praying he will make a full recovery. Please pray for Dennis and Marilyn, as well as Lynnette and her brother and sisters, as they walk through this time.

Here is a great video that YWAM Ships Australia put out, talking about their work in Papua New Guinea. PNG is a country of 7 million people. YWAM Ships is bringing medical and dental care, in the name of Jesus, to people who are in desperate need.

Our Fundraising push is going well. As of today, October 1st, food is no longer free for our family on campus. Eating a meal for our family would now cost us $10. So, we are going to predominantly eat at home, which will increase our overall costs of living here. As if our food costs weren’t high enough already. A gallon of milk costs us $5! Much more expensive than the U.S. mainland. Our goal is to raise an additional $1,000 per month, to bring us into a position of financial sustainability, with the increase in expenses we are facing. So far, we have received pledges of $400 per month, so we are almost half way to our goal. Would you please consider becoming a monthly partner? If you would like further information, please contact us. You can also visit our partner page for information on how to give. All donations are 100% tax deductible for U.S. and Canadian taxpayers.

Thanks for reading our update! Have a great October, and may God bless you richly!

When it rains, it pours!


Flooding in Kailua Kona August 2015

The weather in Kona lately has been crazy! People who have lived here a long time report that this has been the wettest period they recall. A series of Tropical storms and Hurricanes that have surrounded the Hawaiian Islands in recent weeks have caused high surf, extreme humidity, heavy rain and numerous flash flood warnings. You’ll be glad to hear that despite all of this, we are all doing fine! Apart from struggling with the higher than usual level of humidity, for the most part, we have been enjoying the rain, and it’s fun to see the big waves roll in! Although, Austin’s small car washing business has been taking a hit, with some cancellations of late – go figure!

In addition to a crazy season of weather, September will be a busy month of training for Paul. On Thursday, he will be training our Fall school leaders on understanding/stewarding their school finances. Then on Friday, he will train the departing Summer DTS outreach teams on accounting for their finances on outreach. Then, next week, it’s Corporate staff training for the Fall quarter, and Paul will train roughly 100 staff on budgeting for outreach teams that will depart around Christmas time, and then another session specifically for the school finance person. That’s about 6 hours of training in the next 2 weeks, and many more hours than that go into preparing for these training times. It’s a job that Paul doesn’t take lightly. His goal is to maximize the resources we have been given as a University, so that our discipleship programs can continue to flourish, as we are faithful to the Lord.

The Fall quarter, which begins October 1st, is typically the biggest of the year. We have 9 separate DTS’s running this coming quarter, with an estimated 325 students arriving in Kona, to be trained, equipped and then sent out to the nations as ambassadors for the gospel.

We are humbled to be involved in this place, serving in various ministries, and as a part of the overall missionary training program. We are so grateful to our supporters that partner with us financially, allowing us to do this work for the Kingdom.

Speaking of supporters; due to some policy changes at the University this year, we are now making all our meals at home. Previously, we were provided meals for free on the campus. This, combined with the fact our kids are getting older, is having a large financial impact on our family! We have now used up the savings account that we came to Kona with, after receiving one-off donations as we left Washington, in addition to funds raised at our garage sales, etc.

We are in a season of needing to increase our monthly financial support. Our goal is an additional $1,000 per month. This will take us from a place of barely surviving, to thriving. We would like to have the necessary funding to visit Washington every 2-3 years. Currently, we don’t have the budget for travel like that. As an update on this support initiative, we have one new supporter who has pledged $100/month, so we are on our way! If you would like to become a partner of our ministry, please call Paul at 360-393-8662. To find out more information on partnering with us, visit our website at http://www.RandersonOhana.com/partner.

Here are some recent pics of our family:
Josiah at his high-school track. He is on the Cross Country team, and has been selected for the varsity team.

Riding a horse at a birthday party!