October news

We are in week 2 of the Fall quarter. Over 500 new students have arrived in Kona, to be trained and sent out as missionaries to the nations. Here is a picture of student orientation in the Ohana Court [“Ohana” is Hawaiian for family]. The quarter change-over is always a fun time, as the previous quarter’s students go on outreach to share the gospel, and the new students arrive.


Hard to believe it’s been 3 months already since we were visiting many of our family and friends in Washington state! Our work with YWAM continues to go really well. Paul loves all his roles – DTS office, school finance training, Impact Team, circle leadership, and serving at Chosen & Dearly Loved.

Here’s a great short video that simply explains what YWAM is:

Some family news: Austin is enjoying being home-schooled this year, for 8th grade. Next year, he will join Josiah at the public high school for his freshman year. Lynnette really appreciates having him around the house, as he is a big helper! He is currently working on his tennis skills with his Grandpa, and likes to run.

Lynnette has joined a Mom’s weekly prayer group, and is really loving that. She is quite busy with Tre, who is both adorable and strong-willed. A future leader for sure!

All our boys are doing well – growing up way too fast! Josiah starts DRIVING school on Oct 24th!!!! Kyle is prospering in his new school, and is enjoying swimming. Here’s a pic of them all at Old Airport beach, where we sometimes choose to eat our dinner, rather than at home, because our condo is so HOT!


October is “Ironman” month in Kona. Last Saturday, the world championships were held, and for our triathlon loving family, it’s a really fun time to volunteer and serve these athletes whose life dream is to finish the Ironman in Kona. Here’s a picture of Kyle serving at an “aid station”, where athletes are given nutrition to keep them going strong. Kyle is such a servant, and LOVES this kind of stuff.


Josiah, whose dream is to become a professional triathlete, got to meet both the race winners: Jan Frodeno of Germany, and Daniela Ryf of Switzerland. Here’s a pic of Josiah and Jan at the awards banquet.



This is Team Agar – Jeff and his son Johnny, from Michigan. Johnny has cerebral palsy, but Jeff doesn’t let that slow them down. Such is his love for his son, he does the Ironman pulling him! Paul was privileged to meet this amazing family earlier in the week, and Lynnette took this pic on race day. Though they didn’t finish the race, they inspired so many! This is such a testimony of how we are to love our children – selflessly and deeply. Their story has really spoken to us about the love of God the Father. God’s love for us is so great, that He died on the cross for us. He put us first, showing us how we are to live: for others.

If you like to pray for our family, we’ve put a new prayer list on our “partner” page. Check it out by clicking here. We also love to pray for you! Please send us your prayer requests.