No one likes to “toot their own horn”….so we asked some friends and co-workers of ours, 2 people we work closely with, to write us a reference that we could share with supporters.

Sean Murphy, DTS Director
To whom it may concern:

As leader of Discipleship Training Schools and of the Justice Water Ministry here in Kona Hawaii, I wanted to take a moment and commend the Randerson family to you.

Paul and Lynnette Randerson play a vital role in many ministries here at the University of the Nations.

Lynnette is focused on the full time job of raising 4 young men. She is a wonderful mother and maintains a role of helping to administrate the Wai’aha school where the boys attend. She is also active in volunteering in many community events.

Paul is a key asset, helping DTS in the training of young men and women in the area of DTS budgeting. Without his help it would be hard to maintain the high financial integrity that the DTS is known for. He also does a lot of outreach training for the DTS making the foreign outreaches more strategic and fruitful. Paul also serves the Justice Water Ministry helping with budgets and overall direction and leadership of the ministry.

In January, Paul and Lynnette will be helping me to lead a 6 month Justice DTS class. It will be a remarkable privilege to work with them and I look forward to serving the Lord alongside them. This family is truly a blessing to the YWAM Kona family!

Sincerely, Sean Murphy

John Gillespie, DTS Director

Paul and Lynnette Randerson returned to YWAM Kona in mid-2013. In the ensuing 16 months since their arrival, they and their four wonderful boys have become an integral part of the YWAM community, as well as that of Kona. As well as being a well-loved family in our midst, Paul and Lynnette have become known for their decisions to take initiative and solve problems in every area of their work.

Since the arrival in Kona of the Randerson family, Paul’s primary role has been leadership of the DTS (Discipleship Training School) office, overseeing the daily logistics of running the office for our staff. He oversees the logistical and financial accountability for the entire DTS department, ensuring that our 40+ annual schools steward their resources well. Paul has been instrumental in refining the DTS administrative processes, setting in place key strategies that will support our current explosive growth. He was also recently invited to take a crucial role the Awakening Circle Leadership Team, providing supervision to over 150 staff and many ministries. Lynette has a pivotal role in the leadership of the Waiaha Christian School, as a Classroom Coordinator for grades 1-2, teaching the children of the staff at YWAM Kona.

In addition to this, the Randerson family has immersed themselves in the wider community of the Kona area. Through the passions of their boys in the sport of triathlon, they have become a part of the thriving triathlon community here, through which they get to touch many in the community with Christ’s love on a regular basis.

It is through the love, service, and dedication of the Randersons and others like them that we continue to see God growing the work of the YWAM Kona missions base. We are thankful for their continued commitment and faithfulness to missions training here in Kona.

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