A quick update from Battambang

Hi all, many of you have been asking how Lynnette and Josiah are doing. So, I asked Lynnette to write a brief update on their time in Battambang so far.

Josiah and I have been here for two weeks now! Wow…it is HOT. Yes, we live in Hawaii but it is HOT here!
We have two bicycles that we use to get around, and have enjoyed riding around different areas of the town. Last week, we worked at a home one day that goes and gets kids from the area that have very little and they take care of them for the day. They feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then they wash the clothes that they come in so the children can go home in clean clothes. I was asked if I could share with the staff, so I shared with them on the topic of unity. It was a wonderful time!

Today, we started building a wall around two toilets. Hot, hard work, but rewarding to see the smiles on the kid’s faces to know they will have two private toilets!

Josiah is doing really well, and I am feeling blessed to get this special time to be with him. He is embracing the culture really well. I am very proud of him.

Please continue to pray for us while we are here that the Lord would shine from us and use us has He desires. Please also pray for Paul, Austin, Kyle and Tre as it is hard to be away!!

We have a powerful Loving God who I am so excited to serve!
Lynnette and Josiah!

And some pics:

Josiah and Lynnette building a wall to create private toilets


Josiah helping to prepare lunch at a village


Josiah and Lynnette at the all new University of the Nations Battambang Campus


Josiah and Tyler from YWAM Kona! It’s a small world sometimes!


Josiah on his own initiative, started helping with the dishes.


Josiah with one of the YWAM Battambang staff children