February 2020 Update

2020 is flying right along!

Paul is busy with various projects – including developing a mobile app, launching a room reservation system and the ongoing development of the campus human resource system (Salesforce). Paul will be traveling to Nigeria next month to help them with their accounting processes.

Lynnette is staffing the Discipleship Training School at YWAM Ships full-time. She is loving it – sensing that this is where she belongs for this season; to be involved in the discipleship of young students. She even got to share with the class last week on God’s heart for His children.

Here’s a couple of reports from the campus:

In January, YWAM Kona was involved in a major outreach in Myanmar. Click here to read a report on this outreach.

In February, we had the Send Brazil stadium gathering. 140,000 people in 3 stadiums. Here’s a report from Foxnews.