Number Four is almost here

Baby’s birth is approaching fast. Lynnette’s due date is tomorrow, May 17th, and if she doesn’t go into labor on her own before the morning of the 18th, she will be induced. So, it won’t be long at all before we meet our new little guy, the sixth (and what we believe to be the final) member of the Randerson Ohana!!

So many thoughts are racing through our mind:

  • Are we really having a baby, or is Lynnette just feeling extraordinarily bloated?
  • Wow, how did this happen?
  • So excited to meet this guy
  • What is a diaper and how do I use one?
  • Such a privilege to be a parent, and to have the responsibility of raising four young men for the Lord

Please pray with us for a safe delivery – that God would give His strength to Lynnette. And pray also for the days ahead, that Paul would remember how to use a diaper, and for supernatural refreshing from the Lord, to overcome the sleep deprivation 🙂