Summary of Outreach to Cambodia

I asked Josiah to write a report on his and Lynnette’s outreach to Cambodia. Here it is, along with some pictures of the trip.

Going to Cambodia was the best experience I’ve ever had. I learned so many things about myself. It was such a fun trip and I miss that beautiful country so much. I could have stayed way longer, but I had to come back to start High School. Thanks to everyone who donated and contributed to this trip, whether it was donating money, or giving by having me wash your car. I couldn’t have done this trip without you guys!

I’m definitely shocked as to the differences between here and there. I’ve also grown in my faith and my behavior. I met so many amazing people while I was there and got to do things that I wouldn’t be able to do here. Young guys like Sat and Lang were so amazing while we were there, and I got to know them very well.

We got to join in with two visiting teams from the U.S.: a team from Washington State. We did some amazing stuff with them. We got to play with a big group of kids at a school out in a village. We also got to join a team from Texas that arrived right after the Washington team left. For three days, we helpped build bathrooms for another village school. They were both such fun groups! I also got a chance to help at Café Eden with some of the new work being done upstairs. That was a lot of fun. If you are ever in Battambang, go to Café Eden, and try the French Toast and Syrup, it is the best. Also, try the Limenade! (Lemonade, but with limes.)

For fun, I also did something called the “Bamboo Train,” where you sit on a bamboo platform and ride this rail track. Luckily, we got the young guy as our group controller, so we asked him to go really fast, which probably wasn’t the smartest idea. (We gave him some extra money so we would go fast. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

My highlight of the trip was everything! Except for when I got sick the last few days of being there, but no worries. Once again, thanks to everyone that helped me and my Mom complete this amazing journey!


Josiah at the local market

Josiah holding two baby crocodiles, just born that day!

Our view out of the window of Cafe Eden, a ministry of YWAM Battambang

This is how we got around every day

Josiah and Lynnette in a TukTuk

Josiah and Sat, one of the amazing Khmer guys he got to know

Josiah with the Washington College missions team

Josiah doing tricks with yarn with some kids

Lynnette’s very favorite picture from outreach!

Josiah with his “scavenger hunt” team


Starting the foundation and floor of the toilet block for a village school




Finding the “treasure in a basket” (candy) after learning about the hidden treasure story in the Bible

Josiah and I on a Moped – Yes, there’s 3 of us!

Josiah washing dishes at the YWAM base

Group shot with Washington team, traveling in back of pick-up


With the awesome Childers family

Hanging out with 2 YWAM staff kids





Lynnette with Sopheap, our contact while we were there

Working on metal for the foundation

Working at Cafe Eden

Josiah with 3 of the Khmer guys he really connected with

Lynnette and Suel Pratt – her amazing family serves with YWAM Battambang full-time

Josiah and Lynnette with Anna Milligan – Anna is the founder, the heart and the mind behind Cafe Eden, an amazing cafe/ministry in Battambang, as well as a key leader there.

Josiah and Lynnette, just left Cambodia, now on the Thai side of the border

A quick update from Battambang

Hi all, many of you have been asking how Lynnette and Josiah are doing. So, I asked Lynnette to write a brief update on their time in Battambang so far.

Josiah and I have been here for two weeks now! Wow…it is HOT. Yes, we live in Hawaii but it is HOT here!
We have two bicycles that we use to get around, and have enjoyed riding around different areas of the town. Last week, we worked at a home one day that goes and gets kids from the area that have very little and they take care of them for the day. They feed them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then they wash the clothes that they come in so the children can go home in clean clothes. I was asked if I could share with the staff, so I shared with them on the topic of unity. It was a wonderful time!

Today, we started building a wall around two toilets. Hot, hard work, but rewarding to see the smiles on the kid’s faces to know they will have two private toilets!

Josiah is doing really well, and I am feeling blessed to get this special time to be with him. He is embracing the culture really well. I am very proud of him.

Please continue to pray for us while we are here that the Lord would shine from us and use us has He desires. Please also pray for Paul, Austin, Kyle and Tre as it is hard to be away!!

We have a powerful Loving God who I am so excited to serve!
Lynnette and Josiah!

And some pics:

Josiah and Lynnette building a wall to create private toilets


Josiah helping to prepare lunch at a village


Josiah and Lynnette at the all new University of the Nations Battambang Campus


Josiah and Tyler from YWAM Kona! It’s a small world sometimes!


Josiah on his own initiative, started helping with the dishes.


Josiah with one of the YWAM Battambang staff children


Grace falls down like rain

As I look outside, rain is coming down hard. When you live in a climate that doesn’t change much, a sudden down-pour, with a massive temperature drop, is cause for celebration…..It’s also motivating me to do a blog update, something that we haven’t done all year. Here’s a picture of Austin, who just returned from a run, soaked! See, I told you it was raining!!


The first 3 months of this year have just flown by! Paul staffed the Justice Ships DTS at Port YWAM under the leadership of our close friend, Sean Murphy, who we’ve known since 2002. This DTS role was in addition to Paul’s normal role, not instead of. And because the school was at Port YWAM, not at University of the Nations, this meant many trips back and forth. Fortunately, Port YWAM is only about a mile down the road!!

The school had a total of 43 students, and 24 staff, from many different nations, including one Kiwi and a few Aussies, which was fun for Paul. The “lecture phase” of the school focused on personal discipleship. Speakers taught on topics like hearing God’s voice, God’s Father heart, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism, etc.

Paul’s role was to take care of the school finances. Sean, the school leader, commented that he’s never had a school with such clean finances! 🙂 Paul also had 2 “one on one’s”, which was a weekly time of discipleship with Isaac & Pete, two of the students. Here’s a picture of Paul with Isaac, shortly before Isaac left for outreach. Below that one is a picture of Pete and his family, on their way to the airport. It was so fun getting to know both of them better, and to be able to encourage them in their faith.

Isaac Mileys

After 3 months of “being transformed by the renewing of our minds”, the outreach teams began departing at the end of March, with the last team leaving April 7th. They are now spreading the gospel in 8 nations: Cambodia, France, Haiti, Micronesia, Panama, Thailand, Togo and Vanuatu.

The team to Vanuatu was a response to the category 5 storm “Cyclone Pam” that devastated that country on March 13th, with winds of up to 200MPH. Within days of the storm, we were able to mobilize a team of 7. The team is helping to bring physical relief in terms of restoring shelter for some of the thousands of people who have lost their homes, and spiritual relief, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Here’s a cool video about YWAM Ships, which features Nick Mason, one of the students from our DTS. For his outreach, he is spending 1 month in Vanuatu, and then going on to Haiti.

The teams will return to Kona at the end of May, for a time of debriefing and graduation from the school. We are so excited to hear their stories and testimonies of all that the Lord has done through them in the nations.

So, what now? It’s back to our normal schedule. Because of the hectic schedule during the DTS, we’ve been intentionally laying low for the past few days, trying to recover from what was an intense season.

For those on our email list, you will know that Josiah and Lynnette are in the midst of planning an outreach to Cambodia this July. The purpose of this trip is to give Josiah a solid foundation in his walk with the Lord before he starts High School next school year. They will work alongside the YWAM ministry in Battambang. Ministries there include orphanage, sports, youth center, teaching English, cafe; tons to be involved with. They can’t wait to be part of it. If you’d like to be part of making this 4-week outreach a reality, we’ve set up a GoFundMe page:

We were also hoping to make a return trip to Washington this Summer, in June. However, the financing for that has not eventuated. We are bummed, as we were very much looking forward to visiting family and friends. But we feel it is the best choice, to avoid going into debt.

For those of you who are part of our support team, we are SO APPRECIATIVE of you. Literally, we cannot serve in YWAM without our financial partners. So, you share in all the things the Lord is doing around the world, through the ministry of YWAM Kona. If you would like to join our support team, please visit our partner page at to find out how you can join our team. And since it’s April 15th, I will remind you that donations to our ministry are tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

Thanks for reading! God Bless you!

Epic Week

It’s been a great week here in Kona. We began our staff training for the Justice DTS which starts on January 8th. Here is a pic of the staff gathering in the Ohana Court. The training was led by the one and only Jeremy West, who taught on personal discipleship and stewardship….such good content!

staff training

But not only are we preparing for January, but our Fall schools are preparing to leave… our weekly Thursday night meeting, we had a time of commissioning. 58 teams are leaving and heading to 39 nations!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord for all that will be accomplished through these teams! Here is a pic of these young missionaries being prayed for.


2014 Recap

It is almost December….WOW! Another year has flown by, and 2015 is just around the corner. We wanted to share with you a few things: what have we been doing in 2014? What does 2015 look like for the Randerson Ohana? And we’ve even included some references, to validate our family’s work here in Kona.

Here’s a recap of some of the things we’ve been up to in 2014:

  • Training and sending over 1,000 young people as missionaries to the nations. Our role has been to train students and staff to be effective in the area of finances (budgeting, stewardship, reporting), as they have taken the good news of Jesus Christ to people who may have never heard his name before.
  • More than Sport giving away backpacks full of school supplies to needy kids of Kona. Here’s one of the pro triathletes smiling for the camera with a little girl who just received some much-needed, new, school supplies.


  • Paul serving on both the A-team (focusing on improving our short-term outreach effectiveness) and campus circle leadership team
  • Justice Water drilling to provide water for a community in Togo, West Africa. Here’s a video of the drilling and a picture of the dedication ceremony:


Financial Update

We are so grateful to our team of supporters who make it possible for us to be here, serving the Lord with Youth With A Mission. Without our faithful partners teaming up with us through financial and prayer support, we could not be here! It’s that simple. A huge “Mahalo” to our supporters – you know who you are!!

Our monthly support doesn’t always cover our monthly outgoings. As a result, we do rely quite heavily on year-end donations. As you consider year-end giving as part of your tax planning, would you consider giving to our family’s work? Information on how to give can be found on our partner page, or just give us a call.

In 2014, when we compared our income versus our expenses, our expenses exceeded our income by almost $4,000 (through October 31st). In ten months, that equates to around $400 per month for us to break-even, and not have to dip into savings. Would you consider joining our support team? If 4 individuals or families would give an average of $100 per month, our family’s needs would be met. We do try to live frugally, but the reality is this: we have a family of six, and our boys are growing. Just the rent of our 3-bedroom condo and power bill amounts to $1,750 per month. Hawaii is not a cheap place to live!


Here are some of our goals for 2015, that we wanted you to be aware of:

  • We hope to make a visit back to Whatcom County to visit family, friends and church. We originally planned on coming back to Washington state once every 2 years. Summer of 2015 will be 2 years since we moved to work with YWAM Kona!!
  • We will be part-time staff of the “Justice DTS” which starts on January 8th. For more info on this school, click here.
  • We are praying about Josiah and Lynnette going on a short-term outreach to Cambodia. A local family runs a Christian school in Phnom Penh, that educates 200 children. They hope to pioneer a second school in another part of the country. So, the outreach would be for the purpose of seeing that school established. God is doing awesome things in Cambodia, redeeming them from a torrid past. Here is a new video from U of N Battambang (one of 450 U of N locations around the world):


  • Buying home: as part of our desire to establish long-term roots here in Kona, we are believing the Lord to own our own home! Owning a home here isn’t cheap, however! Our home in Lynden that sold for $250K would go for over $400K here. In order to own a home, we need to increase our down-payment. We do have some funds from the house we sold in Lynden, but not enough to avoid private mortgage insurance. Cost-wise, owning a home would be similar to renting, assuming mortgage rates remain low….except we would be building equity instead of paying someone else’s mortgage.


Click here to read two references that those we work most closely with have written about our family.

Training, Equipping, Sending….it doesn’t get old!

This quarter, YWAM Kona is blessed to have over 500 students here, being trained for missions! There are 11 different DTS’s running (Discipleship Training Schools), each with a unique focus, but with the same core curriculum. These students come to be transformed by God, and to fall more in love with Him! He rocks their world during the 3 months of training & equipping, and then around Christmas, these same students are sent out to the nations, to share the good news of Jesus. We are so privileged to be part of this discipleship process, and to hear some of the stories when they come back full of amazing testimonies of how God worked through them!

Here is a quote from one of our campus leaders – this is what the University is all about!

With so many students, the campus is jam-packed. Here is a pic of student orientation at the Ohana Court, where we hold our campus gatherings. It’s a full house!!! But we are believing the Lord for MORE, to make a bigger impact in the nations! We have an unfinished dorm building that will hold another 100 students. Please pray with us that we can finish this building soon!

orientation day

We are also pumped to announce that our new campus cafeteria has opened. The official dedication ceremony will be on Oct 24th, but we are all eating there now. The old kitchen facility was BADLY out-dated, and the truth is we out-grew it probably 10 years ago. The only reason it wasn’t condemned by the county is that they knew we were building the new facility, so they showed us grace. 🙂

Here is a picture of the new cafeteria, which will hold us all in one spot. It even has modern kitchen equipment, to aid the food preparation process!!! The boy’s school is the building just to the right, so they are nice and close for school lunches!


In order for us to use the new cafeteria building, it had to pass several inspections. Lynnette was one of many staff who helped to do a “final clean”. Here’s a pic of her hard at work!


In addition to our students going to the nations, sometimes the nations come to us! A classic example is every October in Kona, when our small town hosts the Ironman World Championship! Because our family loves running and triathlons, we are keen to be involved. This year, our family volunteered at “Pro Fluids”, which is an aid station just for the pro men & women athletes. Here’s a picture of Luke McKenzie, who placed second last year. Josiah was cheering him on! It was so fun to be right there with the pro’s, cheering them on, and serving them as they battle to conquer one of the world’s toughest race courses.


To Know God and to make Him known….in many ways!

For Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and YWAMers, the goal is two fold: first, to know God, His character and His ways. Second, to make Him known. But HOW do we make Him known in the nations? Using a variety of ministries, schools and seminars, which exist to declare the gospel message in all spheres of society. Here’s a great video which shows just a snapshot of some of what YWAM is currently doing.

Answer the Call – Youth With A Mission from YWAM Kona – UofN on Vimeo.

Be thankful, but only when you feel like it

In scripture, God tells us to be thankful in all circumstances (1 Thess 5:18)…..all. That is no easy task! It is easier to be thankful when things are going well, but what about when you are going through a rough patch: sickness, money problems, relationship issues, etc?

Having an “attitude of gratitude” is essential to seeing God’s goodness, in the midst of life’s ups and downs! Life can be a roller coaster, but with the proper perspective, the “loop de loops” can be a little easier to navigate!

We are so grateful for our faithful financial support team: friends and family who believe in what we are doing enough to send money month after month, for our family to live in Kona. But in addition to this type of support, there are other ways we get blessed too! One time we received a $100 Target gift card. At Christmas, we received an amazing care package full of goodies for each person in our family. Then, just this week, we received a package of sunscreen and band-aids, things a family of boys in Hawaii need!

Bottom line: sometimes our support is in “the valley”, and sometimes it’s on the “mountain top”, but through it all, we are grateful for our supporters, without who we couldn’t be here serving the Lord in YWAM at all!