We have arrived

For over a year now, our family have been in a transition, as we followed the Lord’s calling to return to Kona, Hawaii to work with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Well, that season of transition is now over, and we have arrived in Kona to start a new chapter in our family’s life.

We flew in on Tuesday July 9th, and were greeted by not only intense humidity, but also by our good friends Andrew & Jane West and their two boys, Isaac & Lucas. So, as I type this, we have been here for 5 days.

We are privileged to be staying at the house of some friends of ours who are vacationing in Montana for the month of July. They have 4 boys also, so the house is tailor-made for us. At the moment, we are searching for a suitable place to rent. There is not a lot available, so we are trusting the Lord that he will continue to provide for us, not only in finances, but also in accommodation.

The great thing about the place we are staying is that it is around 800 feet above sea level – this is really helping us, by keeping the temperature’s down.

Most people want to know if we are getting settled – I think that process is going to take a couple of months! We are awaiting both our shipping container and our vehicle. Once those arrive, and we have our accommodation sorted out, then I think we will start to feel settled. It is on the one hand great to be here, and feels like we have come back home (this is where Lynnette and I met 16 years ago), and on the other hand, it feels like we have left home in Lynden behind, and we all miss our friends and family from there.

Since arriving, we have been down to the YWAM base several times, as we try to find our way around again. I think one of our favorite places is the Plaza of Nations, which has flags to show the nations that are represented at the Kona base. It is very cool to be surrounded by so many nationalities, and I think just a small glimpse of what Heaven will be like, as the nations worship the Lord together.

plaza of nations

Paul had his first meeting with DTS leadership on Friday. It was a great meeting, and gave Paul a sense of what the Lord is doing right now through the base, and how He is making the DTS program grow in fruitfulness,and effectiveness, but also how the base has such a need for people with administrative skill, to make the program even more successful.

We also celebrated our 15-year wedding anniversary on July 10th, the day after arriving here in Kona. It was special to wake up on our first morning here, and celebrate our journey together these past 15 years, and our future together. We were able to spend that evening with some friends down at the beach, share a meal together, and watch the incredible sunset.

Please pray for our family for the following:

  • For each member of our family to adjust to life in Kona
  • For our family to find housing in the next 10 days
  • For more people to become monthly financial partners of our ministry. We are so blessed by the support we have received, but we are still around $800 per month short.

If you would like to partner with us, either through a one-off gift, or as a monthly supporter, please go to our “Partner With Us” page, which has details on how to give.


2 thoughts on “We have arrived

  1. Christina and I are so excited for you guys! We will pray for you and look forward to a fun visit with you in Kona one day:) Most people miss out on God’s adventures and life-blessing because of having children, but we are SO proud of you to follow Jesus, with your family! He will bless you abundantly.

  2. You survived the epic trip! No small undertaking, I’m sure! we will miss you in Lynden, but will continue to pray for you guys. Asking for divine provision for your accommodations in the following week. I pray that God will bless you with something that confirms that He is so completely in charge and is looking out for you!! We will be in Maui in November so we will be sharing the Hawaiian sun, if not your actual company… bless you all as you transition to Hawaiian life!! 🙂

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