Finishing up in Washington

Our life in the State of Washington is rapidly drawing to a close. We spent the weekend packing our container, and cleaning the house up for the new owners. We were all moved out by Sunday afternoon, and have now moved in with Lynnette’s parents for a few days. On Saturday, we head down to Seattle to spend our remaining time with Paul’s brother Dave & his family. We fly out on Tuesday the 9th.

It was great having Paul’s parents here – not only did they get to meet young Tre, who is now 6 weeks old, we also had some fun times with them, and they were a tremendous help in the packing process.

Packing the container went very well. At first, we didn’t think that all our stuff would fit into the 20 foot container, but thanks to the masterminds of Craig (Lynnette’s brother) and Lynnette, we fit it all in, and with room to spare! We were super blessed by many helpers – people who lifted, packed, cleaned, organized, delegated, got food and those who held babies. And thanks to some generous friends, we even had the use of a forklift, which was necessary to get items into the container which was 4 feet off the ground (not to mention it was a big hit with the boys).

Paul is finishing up at his work this week – he leaves with mixed feelings: sadness because he is leaving behind a job that has given him great satisfaction over the past 6 years, working with a team of great people, but also excitement because we are being obedient to the Lord in what we are embarking on.

Here’s some photos of the packing process, the truck taking away our container, as well as dinner out with Paul’s parents.


2 thoughts on “Finishing up in Washington

  1. Praying that you all will adjust to the time change, house change, neighborhood change & life change shortly! You will be rewarded! Looking forward to keeping in touch & reading your updates 🙂 love you guys!
    Praising Him for blessings,
    Mahalo, Rhonda

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