Proud Brothers

Josiah, Austin & Kyle are proud to present to the world: Tre Michael Randerson. Tre was born on May 20th, so that makes him 18 days old today, as I type this. We are all so blessed by his arrival. 19 days ago, we couldn’t imagine what it would be like having a baby in the house again. Now, we couldn’t imagine life without Tre, and being a family of six….besides, we really wanted to test out the third row in the car!!

The other great news is Paul remembered how to use a diaper (nappy for you kiwis)….well, he partially remembered. He remembered the basics, but he forgot rule #1 of changing a boy’s diaper, and on the very first diaper change of Tre’s life, the diaper wasn’t the only thing wet!! Needless to say, Paul won’t forget again.

As well as baby news, the countdown to Kona continues….we fly out on July 9th, just over a month away. Preparations are in full swing. Our latest newsletter was just published this week. You can read it online by going to our Newsletters page.

Our main need at this time is more monthly supporters to help us live as missionaries in Kona. Please consider joining our team – read more about being part of our ministry team by going to our Partner With Us page.



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