Austin’s Baptism

We celebrated Austin’s baptism on Sunday April 14th at CTK Church in Bellingham, WA!!! He had been wanting to get baptized for well over a year, and with our upcoming move to Kona, we felt this would be a good time. It worked out great, because his cousin Inga also wanted to get baptized, and so they both were baptized on the same day. Along with his baptism, April 14th is also Lynnette’s parent’s wedding anniversary and Paul’s mum’s birthday, so it’s a special day all around.

We followed up the baptism with a family lunch and celebration at Craig (Lynnette’s brother) and Ann’s house in Ferndale.

We think that Austin has made a great decision, and we are excited to watch God’s plans unfold as he grows into a young man.



1 thought on “Austin’s Baptism

  1. LOVE this!! I will never forget how easily he grasped and lived the Visual Gospel and shared with the Statbucks lady so clearly the Gospel with it! And then your pastor too :). Such a special one. Love and cheering on our Randerson Peeps!

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