2013 is here….things are ramping up

With the new year, we can no longer talk about what we are going to be doing “next year”….2013 is here, and July will come quickly. We are in the full-swing of making all the necessary arrangements to move our family to YWAM Kona this summer.

We also welcomed a new niece, Tori, to the world. This is Paul’s brother Dave’s first child, and the first girl in the direct family since 1983 🙂


We also managed to sneak in a trip up Mt Baker to welcome in the new year. It was a gorgeous day!!


Our next newsletter is scheduled to go out in early March, so watch your mailboxes for the next edition!!

1 thought on “2013 is here….things are ramping up

  1. We LOVE you guys and are SO excited for this new adventure God is leading you on! You are precious friends and peeps 🙂 Know we are cheering you on, praying for you, and adore you ❤

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